Managed Cloud Services

Hedgehog offers our world-class manaaged services in cloud environments all over the world.

Reliable and Knowledgable Managed Cloud Services

No matter where your cloud technologies are hosted, Hedgehog Technology Services can support your environment.  AWS, Microsoft Azure or even right here within the Hedgehog Cloud, we can fully support and maintain your hosted infrastructure giving you the peace-of-mind you need to know that your systems are always functioning at peak performance.

Our world-class systems utilize software technologies that are not generaly available to the end-user client.  These tools give us a greater insight into your virtual environment allowing us to see even more than most administrators know they have.

How do we see your hosted technologies?




Custom Solutions

Hedgehog works closely with our clients to develop a custom solution that meets their unique needs. Our clients are never forced to adopt a solution that is too advanced. We keep costs down by ensuring that our clients never pay for equipment or services that they don't need. In addition, we maintain a small staff of experts, so you are always working with our top people.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to develop strategies for future growth, and to continuously monitor and evaluate their sites as they grow. All our solutions involve a cost/benefit analysis in partnership with our clients so that they can be sure their money is always being put to the best use.