Richard Feller's has been appointed to the I2C Board of Directors

My partners and colleagues at Hedgehog Hosting and I have worked long and hard to build our business. We care deeply about how the internet is being built, that's why I'm proud to join the Board of Director's of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition.

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Richard Feller's has been appointed to the I2C Board of Directors

About a year ago, my good friend and business colleague, Christian Dawson, sent me a message asking for my thoughts on the pending SOPA and PIPA bills that were being voted on in Congress. Little did I know that this conversation would be the beginning of a year-long effort that would be the start of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition. 

My colleagues at Hedgehog Hosting and I have been a part of the Hosting Industry for most of our professional lives and care deeply about how lawmakers are shaping the industry. We understand the need for a unified voice to drive innovation and growth as well as create awareness for the benefits of our industry. As such, the team at Hedgehog Hosting and I have taken a founding interest in this new Coalition.

As with the start of any venture, having feet on the ground is so necessary for success. I was pleased that when there was a need, I could be an active part in educating leaders about our priorities, including addressing members of Congress to explain the importance of what we are doing and getting other infrastructure companies to see the value of having a unified body that will fight for the industry that we cherish so much.  Whatever was needed to ensure the success of the i2Coalition, I was there to offer help and build awareness.

Now, I am honored with a new opportunity to become further involved by joining the Board of Directors of the i2Coalition.  I look forward to taking the lead on many of the Coalition's initiatives and am excited to work with such a strong team of committed industry leaders to find new ways to ensure continued growth and success in such a vital industry.

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