Updates from the Hedgie on the Hill

 It has been a positive week for Hedgehog Hosting and The i2Coalition.

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Updates from the Hedgie on the Hill

First and foremost, it has been happily rumored that the Senate will not even take up a vote on CISPA, which passed in the House earlier this month.   Diligence is still needed to make sure that any being brought forth in either the House or the Senate preservers the rights of Internet users.

To that end, we are very pleased of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s unanimous decision to advance the Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act of 2013, S. 607: Hedgehog Hosting was one of over 100 companies that signed a letter addressed to Senate Judiciary lawmakers urging the committee to adopt the Leahy-Lee amendment ensuring that law enforcement officials “can obtain electronic communications in all appropriate cases while protecting Americans’ constitutional rights.”

These two great steps forward will help us to protect our client's interests with regards to their online data privacy while still doing all we can to help law enforcement if the need should arise.

Hedgehog Press Kit and News Contact

For your convenience, the following PDFs are available for download. Please contact Richard Feller via telephone at (703) 218-4170 or via e-mail at info@hedgehoghosting.com for any additional information.

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