Take action to help defeat CISPA in the Senate.

 Hedgehog Hosting needs every one to help take a stand for the privacy rights of all Internet users.

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Take action to help defeat CISPA in the Senate.

The House of Representatives passed the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) today.  As we move on to the Senate, (where it previously failed in February of 2012) we must be diligent in reminding our lawmakers to be mindful of the numerous privacy concerns raised by the bill in its current form. While the goal of CISPA is to increase security online and make it easier to identify potential cyber threats, any reform must be made in an open manner and in a manner that preserves the civil liberties of everyone.

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee passed CISPA in a closed door hearing. It is imparative that any discussions on privacy and accessibility be transparent and include all stakeholders involved in the process to build consensus.  Hedgehog Hosting and other i2Coalition members will continue to push for this transparency.

While there is anticipation that the White House will veto CISPA if it passes the Senate, we must all continue to speak out against this legislation in its current form.  As has been shown in past efforts with SOPA and PIPA, contacting your members of Congress to show your opposition will have an impact.

Compared to past years, pro-CISPA forces have spent upwards of 140 times more in lobbying that their opponents.  If you share our privacy concerns and want to help, please contact your Representative today and ask him/her to vote no on CISPA!


How do I contact my elected officials?  There is an app for that! - "Contact Congress" by Airship Software on your apple device or visit http://www.congress.org/news/communicating-with-congress/

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