Hedgehog Hosting 12th Anniversary

We have all come a long way together. Not only has Hedgehog Hosting grown and been successful, but so have the people behind it.

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Hedgehog Hosting 12th Anniversary

Hedgehog Hosting is pleased that May 2013 marks our 12th anniversary of providing the highest quality service to our clients.  It seems like only yesterday that we began this journey and now 12 years later we realize how fortunate we really are.  Since Hedgehog has stayed the course and never really waivered from our intended purpose of providing the best hosted solutions to our clients, rather than tell you all abut what has (or in this case, has not) changed with the company, I would like to dedicate this post to the people that make it all possible.

So in 2001, Amanda Bean was holding down the fort in Annandale, VA with her two yellow labs, Madeline and Tucker.  At this stage in her life, Amanda put everything she had into making sure that her newest baby, Hedgehog Hosting, would grow to be the best technology services provider around. Since that time, while she has continued to make Hedgehog successful, she has gotten married, had four, yes four, beautiful healthy children.  (Three of them all came at once.)  She has built a wonderful home for her family in Loudon County where this small army resides with Tucker still holding down the fort.  We think fondly of Madeline and remember her with smiles as she just passed this year.  Her family is a testament to the hard work and love that Amanda shows in all aspects of her life and we are very happy here at Hedgehog to be part of that extended family.

Chris Miceli is still growing his family in Falls Church, VA where he has added one more little Hedgehog baby to the mix.  Along with his three kids and his wife, Chris has made Falls Church a permanent part of his life.  Rather than move into a larger space to accomodate his growing family, a mild remodel later, and they had the space they needed to watch the kids grow.  His oldest will be starting high school next year and so starts a new chapter in their lives as the teenage years come to their household.  Chris still has the meticulous nature that keeps Hedgehog from getting to complacent in our daily workings.  His strength still lies in the details and you can see that in his work and the wonderful family he supports.

Everyone still knows and remembers Jeff Chanesman.  How could you not?  Not many people look like Jeff and he is very easy to remember because he has a heart of gold and is a friend to all.  If you have been fortunate to meet Jeff, you know he will still do anything for you, no matter what.  His family has that same attitude and his son will make his mark on the world with that same affinity for life that dad has.  Jeff and his family have set roots in Oakton,, VA where his house is an exact replica of his calm and serene nature.  Settled on a creek in the woods, he spends his time caring for his home, the structure, and his home, the family.  He loves to work in his yard and may you be blessed to have the playground his son has. :)  Still collecting, trading, selling, drawing and loving PEZ, the whole family partakes of this past time that is core to the Jeff  we all know and love.  A nice get-a-way vacation for Jeff and his family usually involves a PEZ convention somewhere in the US.  The compasion that Jeff has is paramount to the way we run Hedgehog and it shows through boldly on a daily basis.

Richard Feller has planted himself in Fairfax, VA right down the street from our offices and that is where he intends to stay.  It is a great base for his wife and sons who all still call the DC/VA/MD area their home.  MD you say, with his oldest at the US Naval Academy he has one of the nest already. He still loves his rugby and you will usually find him volunteering time in DC coaching.  That time in DC now finds him doing some exciting things on Capitol Hill not just for Hedgehog, but on behalf of an industry that all of us here at Hedgehog love.  Richard is always out and about. Meeting people and mingling, it is usually said that more people know who Richard than vice versa.  If that is the case, say hello and introduce yourself as he loves making relationships, many of which are growing stronger as business continues.

Finally, we want to thank our clients, many who have stood with Hedgehog from the early days.  A number of great organizations took a leap of faith with a small hosting company that started in the wake of Sept 11 and a declining economy.  Today, 12 years later, we are still providing service to many of those companies and we want to thank all of those great people for making Hedgehog successful.  For those companies that are newer clients to Hedgehogm we can oly say this.  Give us another 12 years and we look forward to writing about those next chapters.

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For your convenience, the following PDFs are available for download. Please contact Richard Feller via telephone at (703) 218-4170 or via e-mail at info@hedgehoghosting.com for any additional information.

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